Neography Design Showcases

If you checked out the other pages on this site, you should have a good foundation in the knowledge and skills of neography. But a generalized design guide can only show you so much.

To show in practice what the guide teaches in theory, these talented creators have volunteered to tell the stories of creating their scripts. Their stories will reveal their skills and strategies, walking you through their process from idea to draft to refined product.

Journeys by FantasticalScripts

A dynamic script with a high contrast of character size and sweeping strokes, with the capacity to be adapted to different languages.

Katu by Gbrcalil

A Hangul-inspired writing system with surprisingly familiar origins: direct descent from the Latin alphabet.

More showcases are coming in the future!

In the meantime, you can check out the sources below to satisfy your curiosity. The focus in these is not the process of how the scripts were created, but there’s a lot to find interesting and inspiring.


Issue #06 of this conlanging publication focuses on writing systems. It showcases incredible creativity and how imaginary linguistics, culture, and history help shape a writing system.


This list of constructed scripts is probably the most comprehensive collection on the whole internet.


Lots of cool stuff has been shared on the neography subreddit. Sort by top posts of all time and dive into the best it has to offer.

Want to submit a showcase?

If you’re a script creator and you want to showcase your work here, you can contact us via the subreddit modmail. We can help to a degree with writing and visuals.